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There are only a small minority (of oddballs) who actually finds joy in the chore of laundry and ironing clothes. Furthermore, there are the few who has lack of affinity towards fashion and find dread in matching tops with bottoms. Besides, there are plenty of reasons why one piece outfits are the best! Less laundry, negating the need to matching tops and bottoms, convenience, the list is endless. If you have the same sentiment, feel free to check out our store for all your one piece goodies.

Ve Classic was founded by Lim sisters who identified a lack of trendy maternity clothing designs. As the eCommerce market is growing, we started up by selling classy one piece collection that is maternity friendly as we noticed that maternity clothing designs are limited. Every woman desires to be fashionable at all times even during pregnancy, that’s how the idea came about. We currently offer one-piece collection that is exclusively designed and manufactured with unique quality for any occasion.

​About 20 years ago when we were still kids, we always love to immerse ourselves in role-playing games. Our favorite role-playing game is to run our own boutique, selling dresses. We took turns to be the merchant & customer, enjoying marketing on dresses and trying on different dresses. Girls being girls, dolling up is always our favorite. Now, we are realizing our childhood dream and fulfilling our late mother’s wishes to be in entrepreneurship.



We are delighted to have been featured in the following media/ publications:

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